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With the Olympics coming to and end overall and wrestling completed a few days ago, I can relax a bit. I can kick back and watch “Best in Show,” and I can start prepping for the upcoming wrestling season.

Oh, I’m officially in Minnesota now, having drove across seven states to arrive on August 21 … my 29th birthday was on Wednesday, so I will remember a 14-hour day as one of the most recent birthday memories.

I’m back to updating the news links feed, but one of which was pretty offensive. It didn’t have a byline, it didn’t have any real merit to it, it just made light of Daniel Cormier’s hospitalization issue.

To read quite possibly the dumbest story from the Olympics, click here.

I’ll be back to talking about wrestling soon, but I think I might check out the Minnesota State Fair today.

Written by Jason Bryant

August 23, 2008 at 12:19 pm

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