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Archive for October 22nd, 2008

Four Points: I will take Chocolate Rain over October Sleet

Real freakin’ funny, Mother Nature. I’m completely amused.

I dropped a bit of a bombshell yesterday on people announcing my intention to not only say I’m going to run a marathon, but to follow through on it. Steps one and two were accomplished on Tuesday. Actually, I’d begin with making the decision, then setting out to get some running shoes fitted for my feet, then actually set out on a journey.

The last time I stepped on a mat in any such competitive sense was probably three years ago when I was living back in Poquoson and working out at my old wrestling club, the PWA. I’d walk up to practice, roll around some, hit the AirDyne and catch a ride back home with the coaches. One of the AirDyne bikes in the Poquoson Wrestling Room was used by the 1984 Olympic Team — Goldie — as we call it.

Anyway, I walked two miles yesterday. It’s a start, because I’m 178 days away from the marathon. The plan will call for 18 weeks of training. I’ll need to get in shape before even starting this training. It’s like that Power 90 thing on TV — you can’t go from being a fat waste to ripped in 90 days, you need to build up to be in good enough shape to start something. I’m not a fat waste right now … I might have been at one time, but those days are actually long gone.

Steps I took a long time ago will make this easier. Not living a college lifestyle definitely helps, as does having someone who is going through the training with you.

Gas: $2.39
Weather: 43, raining and sleet and pretty damned miserable.
Days to go: 178

Ice Age? Not Hardly.
By the way, why am I in a sour mood at Mother Nature? I went home for lunch and when I drove back to the office, ice pellets were falling from the sky. It’s OCTOBER!?

My Facebook status has also been an easy target for folks who love to punish me over the fact I’ll be soon to endure my first Minnesota winter. Yeah, you  Sarah in Northern Va. … not funny. You, Tammy in PA and you Joe in Minnesota… not funny either. Chris, taking another shot from here in Minnesota. I’ll take the warning. Natanya in Naptown. I know this. Amanda, you’re now in the Deep South. Keep rubbing it in and thinking you’re funny.

The rest of you — I am not amused. That goes for Diego, too.

Some of you might not get this.

Wrestle-off Time
Tis the season for college wrestling intrasquad matches. It basically means we’re thismuch closer to kicking off the year. Last night, Indiana wrestled its Cream and Crimson intrasquad. Team Hernandez and Team Escobedo wrestled to a 16-16 tie. What some might find surprising are the individual outcomes, especially if you are thinking some high school studs can come in right away and expect to punk down the upperclassmen. How did guys like Vince Ramos and Nick Cook do? How about the outcome of Kurt Kinser and Matt Coughlin? Find out here.

Hall of Famers
Some differing news on the wrestling front with several individuals known throughout our sport getting inducted into various Halls of Fame.

Art Martori of the Sunkist Kids and John Smith, the head coach at Oklahoma State and six-time World & Olympic Champion, will be inducted into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame on November 1. Wait, Smith? Italian? Yessir.

“I am half-Italian. It is always a proud side of my family,” said Smith. “There are a lot of happy Italians in Oklahoma about this. The athletes inducted are all tied to Italian blood. It is a proud people. My family has a remarkable history, having to grind it out for many years to allow the next generation to have a better life. It wasn’t easy for the Italian people when my family first came to America. They made a commitment to their family. My mother is as excited as anyone about this.”

Other notable Hall of Famers making the news are Jim Scherr, who’s heading into the Colorado Springs Sports Hall of Fame and Maryland native Bruce Malinowski goes into his state’s chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.
Pitching in
(Rich Tortorelli release)
Oklahoma City University faculty, staff and students including student athletes participated in the “One Give” program Oct.12 in an effort to spruce up the OCU campus.

More than 450 students, faculty and staff came out Sunday afternoon to participate in a number of projects across the campus. Members of both the men’s and women’s wrestling teams were a part of the “One Give” project. They’re pictured, and to read the full release, click here.

Written by Jason Bryant

October 22, 2008 at 5:03 pm