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Archive for December 23rd, 2008

Christmas Time is coming, I can’t wait to go home

I’m coming to the realization that I’m a complete nerd. Some of you already knew this, but I’m just completely excited about the technological advances I’ve been able to grasp and incorporate into my daily life and my job.

Wrestling IS my life. There isn’t much that can supplant the sport in my life. I talk about wrestling, I work with wrestling, I read about wrestling, I wear wrestling apparel, it’s the driving force in who I’ve become as a person.

I spent most of Monday configuring the bar area in the basement into a mobile radio studio. Having discovered a way to broadcast the Wrestling 411 Radio show, not just more effectively, but from my own residence has allowed me to be more dynamic in the approach to the show.

I’ve been using Skype for a few years and used it quite a bit when I was in Pennsylvania. We can line this into the radio broadcast for a clean and crisp situation for callers. Other than a slight brain fart on my end during the first segment of the show, the audio sounded great.

I fly out of Minneapolis/St. Paul on Tuesday night around 7 p.m. to my home base of Hampton Roads. I’m flying into Norfolk and then driving the 30-40 minutes back to Poquoson (depending whether or not their cleaning the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel).

When I lived in Pennsylvania, home was only 300 miles away, which could be anywhere from a four-and-a-half hour drive to a nine-hour drive, as I’ve experienced a few times. I still haven’t been able to rent out my property in Lancaster, which I’m coming to miss just a tad. I need to get back after the wrestling season and re-connect with my friends at the old haunts.

Thankfully, myspace and Facebook have given me the ability to post really random photo comments at all hours of the day — kinda like this blog post now.

But going home is going to be special, because it’s truly a homecoming. I haven’t been in Virginia since early August. My nieces are growing up faster than I can fathom. My sister will be 23 in less than a month. That’s quite scary to me. I’m proud of her, she’s such a proud parent of two beautiful little girls. I light up when I see them when I go home.

Hard to believe it’s over four months since I moved to the Midwest. I’ve experienced some extreme cold, some “Minnesota Nice,” and have met some great people along the way. I’ve been traveling, which was nothing new, but I really have a great sense of pride in helping a start-up organization get legs and get noticed. I didn’t create the Daily Press, I just got wrestling noticed again. I didn’t create InterMat, I just helped revive it. I did create Mat Talk On-Line, which has been tough to see just sit there idly for the last three and a half years. I still keep it up as a resource archive. There’s nine years of results there — can’t let that history get lost in cyberspace.

Wrestling 411 has been something my co-worker Kyle Kligman and I have found a great sense of pride in taking on. There are things to learn, different skill-sets to master, but ultimately, we’re providing something different and something diverse to the wrestling community. In this economy, it’s hard to get that type of satisfaction.

In other things, I stepped on the scale earlier this week at 250.4 … that’s the closest to 200 I’ve been since I was 210 when I graduated high school. Holiday food be damned. My truck hasn’t started for a few days, I’m guessing the fuel line might be frozen, because I’ve swapped out the battery (love that 3-year warranty!) but it might be time to buy a new vehicle. I’ve paid off the Blazer in under the time allocated. Now if I can only get the place in PA rented out.

Mental note: Don’t buy a house unless I know I’m going to be living in it for longer than 8 months.

In other news, I purchased a MacBookPro and boy let me tell you, it’s frickin’ sweet (to quote noble — not nobel — laureate Peter Griffin). It’s allowed me to do so many things with managing music, photos and of course, the show. The strangest thing is iChat, which is the Mac instant messaging program. Now I can’t taunt people for being online for 7,885 straight days. After working on the Mac Pro for show editing, I love this little MacBook. The iSight camera is also pretty cool to mess around with.

I’m going from Minny to Virginia and flying back to Chicago on Sunday after Christmas. I’ll then cover the Midlands (including a live show from Evanston), then fly from Chi-town to Minny and get back for New Year’s Eve. Believe it or not, this won’t be my first New Year’s in Minnesota.

Two years ago, I was covering The Clash and rung in the New Year with Wyatt and Kristin Schultz, a duo of photographers from Iowa. Here’s to a shot of Jager and a Honey Wiess to bigger and better things. Hell, that might be another reason I’ve dropped some weight … I can’t find $3 PBR pitchers in this town. And Yuengling Lager? Forget it. It’s all PRIMO!

I guess I’m coming to grips that I’m no longer in a college setting. I was at ODU for seven years, then after a year doing the freelance thing, moved to PA, near two colleges. I guess living in the ‘Burbs will give you some direction.

I miss shooting darts and throwing disc, even during “chilly” PA days. It’s too damned cold to throw up here … and there’s a foot on the ground. Monday was the coldest day of my life (seriously). I’d only ONCE prior experienced sub-zero temperatures for more than like an hour … I saw the thermometer hit 11 BELOW and the wind chill hit 33 BELOW.

It’s going to be 60-something on Christmas in Poquoson … where I can’t wait to read “It’s a Bull Island Christmas” in the Poquoson Post. Sometimes the small-town quaintness is what I miss the most. You just felt at home there.

So my friends, I wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever it is you might celebrate … I don’t discriminate. I’m an equal opportunity offender.

It was a life-changing 2008 … and I thank everyone who has supported me along the way. I couldn’t be here if it weren’t for the great people and great friends in my life. You’ve always been so giving of your time when I needed it and I hope I’ve been able to do the same.


Written by Jason Bryant

December 23, 2008 at 4:23 am

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