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The year ahead with some of my own personal thoughts

I guess this is the point in the year where I do the obligatory “Out with 08 and in with 09” type of post. Well, all things considered … I guess probably should, because 2008 was one of the most diverse.

Eight months in, I packed up and moved to Minnesota after taking a job with Minnesota coach J Robinson’s new wrestling promotions company, Media Sports Productions. Under it, I’m serving as the Production Manager for Wrestling411, the multi-faceted outfit which will be providing television, internet radio and internet updates to the wrestling fans on a variety of topics.

It’s been slow but steady for Wrestling411. I like where we are at, but still have that inkling that the wrestling community needs to support itself, rather than sit back and wait for someone else to put up the money to fund something like this. We never ask too much from anyone, A LITTLE FROM A LOT is the pitch.

But as it relates to my life. I find myself sitting at the bar area of my basement in Arden Hills, a suburb of St. Paul. I’m watching a web cast of my alma mater at a quad after spending the weekend in Rochester, MN and Wabasha, MN watching high school wrestling and starting the year off with a calm weekend.

This was a big life change. I want people to know that I really enjoyed my job at InterMat, but there are things I miss and there are things I don’t miss. I love how I have a bit of my life back.

When I was living in Pennsylvania, I was single and working a lot of hours, they were non-traditional hours, as my former supervisor Pat can attest to. I spent a lot of time at Brendee’s, shooting darts and goofing off when I had time to goof off. I liked the quaintness of that smoky dive.

I also started to get to like living in Lancaster. I bought my first house and of course, thought it was a step in the right direction. I didn’t think I’d be moving 1,300 miles away just eight months after.

I thought I was doing the right things, growing up, building a solid network of friends, whether it be co-workers or friends from nearby Franklin & Marshall. I liked going down to Marion Court after work and kicking back, or drinking a martini at Rosa Rosa or just having a pint of Guinness at Brendees. We watched wrestling on the Big Ten Network at The Brickyard. I lived 100 yards from an independent baseball team — the Lancaster Barnstormers.

I kept alive my streak of seeing an opening day baseball game every year since 1992 or 1993, I can’t remember, but it’s been non-stop. This year, it will be my first MLB opening day … I will be going to the Twins opener come April, or whenever it is.

I miss my family a lot. I’ve always been close enough to drive home and get away. And by getting away, I mean going home for some R&R. Right now, I’m watching the ODU quad online … it’s weird watching them wrestle in the arena and at the school where I announced the sport for eight years, dating back to when I was in college.

The camera pans to George Mason vs. Purdue. Denny Herndon is wrestling for Mason, I watched him win the Middle School State championship at a 6th grader at the ODU fieldhouse. Wow. My how time flies.

I’m generally happy with things, but there’s things I don’t have which always tend to wear on me.

I don’t know exactly why I’ve continued to be single for so long. I guess it’s been work, moving, whatever. I had a few dates, but nothing I’d call anything serious. Maybe I was too picky, found reasons not to like people, or just was bored overall. Minnesota has been a nice change, because there have been dates and good times, but nothing just seems to click. I don’t think I’m married to work by any means. I love the fact I’m involved in a facet of life for work that I enjoy in my spare time. But I’ve had a great couple of years personally and professionally. I’ve won some national awards, have risen up the ranks of my sport and I’m college educated, no baggage to speak of, but still I find myself alone.

Friends are great where I have them, but either they’re too far away or just don’t want to hear me talk all the time. Sometimes I wish I could have that person who would be there to share in my experiences and care not about the whole dynamic behind it, but just generally enjoy time. I guess that’s where I’ve missed opportunities or been too picky. It happens I guess. You can’t force it. I’ve even gone to the way of (ack) eHarmony. Had a few dates as a result, nice people, but I guess there was no click there. Same with some non-online acquaintances.

Some interest is there other places, but the distance is a huge factor. And we’re talking serious distance. Maybe it’s karma or something. Just annoying to be by myself so much. Can’t force it. Who knows. In wrestling, it’s kind of a tough place to meet that type of person I’m looking for, you know?

I turn 30 in 2009 … quite the milestone.

I’ve been able to travel the country, live in great places, meet some great friends and get to see some old friends more frequently. I can do nothing but smile on a lot of things in 2008. I’ve also lost 25 pounds since moving here … it’s not a New Year’s Resolution, but I’ve continued to try to maintain the 250-255 range and it’s doing well.

I don’t hit the bars much anymore, and generally, it’s been a money saver and been a lot better for my health.

I’m in a good place right now, doing good thing and feeling good about myself. Just that one thing missing. Who knows where it will be.

Happy 2009 everyone.

Written by Jason Bryant

January 4, 2009 at 2:35 pm

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  1. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you sometime soon–maybe at the NCAA’s


    Dennis Herndon

    January 14, 2009 at 9:00 pm

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