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The road trip: Day 1.5

It’s not the greatest of ideas, but at the same time, this has already been something that I will remember when it comes to “those moments” in my life I look back on.

Right now, I’m sitting in an office at the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum in Cedar Falls, Iowa. This place was destroyed during the floods last summer and it was lucky to get back up and running. This is now the third time I’ve been to the Gable Museum — the first was at the National Duals, the same weekend where I totaled my truck, the second was yesterday and now the third is today.

I’ve got some postcards to mail out. I’ve already gotten an oil change, something I should have done before I left Minnesota yesterday. I’m updating Facebook, Twitter, the blog … and who knows what else during this trip. The biggest question I have is how to follow this accordingly.

Should I post it over here, with more of a personal tone, or should I write a separate entity entirely for the Wrestling 411 side of things? I’ll post mileage charts and things of that nature on the 411, but really, where I want to write some of the cool things down will be here.

Cool thing #1: We stayed with Kyle’s parents last night. Ken Klingman is the team chaplain for the Northern Iowa wrestling team and an all-around good guy. I slept in a twin bed (wondering where my brother was — ok, Mitch Hedberg I am not) for the first time in like … five or six years or something like that. What’s cool about that? The Tom Brands and Brad Penrith family Christmas Cards sent to the Klingmans. No, I don’t think it’s “funny” and I’m not poking fun at it, rather I think it’s uplifting to see coaches, whom I only see in a wrestling-related work environment, in a family setting. I saw that with Greg Strobel and his wife, “Mrs. Coach,” but something about seeing Tom Brands in a Christmas card with his wife and kids made me smile. I thought the grin he had was somewhat amusing, but it proves, yes wrestling fans, these people are real outside of the sport.

Cool Thing #2: Being able to set up shop here in the Gable Museum and get some work done while I’m waiting to head down to Cedar Rapids for the Division III Championships. Sending out some post cards shortly.

Ironically, this is the exact same exit I totaled my truck at during January. Not just the same town, but as I leave here today, I’ll drive right up the on-ramp where I lost control.

Only difference is today, the temperature is 60 degrees and its gorgeous. I get to open up the sunroof on my Trailblazer and play my “Set the Cruise Control to 90 mix”

I like making mix CD’s with themes … I have another one I’ve labled as “Highway 218 in Iowa Sucks,” but that’s for obvious reasons.

If I was on my other computer, I’d post the playlist. Maybe I’ll do that later when I get to the arena in Cedar Rapids.

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March 5, 2009 at 2:05 pm

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  1. We love Jason Bryant. Please stop back any time. We will feed you and house you. We will also give you our bed in the master bedroom so you have a bit more space. Hope you were toasty warm last night in your twin bed.

    If it’s warm enough outside, we’ll have a pig roast (will put the pig on a rotiserie and place an apple in his mouth) on our porch the next time you stop by. We’ll set up a kiddie pool in the back so we can throw you in. Call it an old school Iowa Wrestling bash.

    Jason, thanks for all you do for college wrestling. You are the best.

    The Klingman Family

    March 6, 2009 at 3:07 pm

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