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College Wrestling Scores: October 31

Friday, October 30

North Idaho College 36, Montana State-Northern 6

Saturday, October 31
Roger Williams 27, Norwich 15
American International 42, Scranton B 3
Penn State-DuBois 29, SUNY-Morrisville 13
American International 34, SUNY-Morrisville 12
Scranton 23, Penn State-DuBois 14
SUNY-Morrisville 33, Scranton B 12
American International 31, Scranton 9
Apprentice School 31, Scranton 12
Apprentice School 39, Penn State-DuBois 7
Apprentice School 22, American International 19
Scranton 31, SUNY-Morrisville 10
Penn State-Dubois 47, Scranton B 6

Boise State 30, North Idaho 12

Women’s Duals
Oklahoma City 39, King College 3
Missouri Baptist 30, King College 15
Oklahoma City 26, Missouri Baptist 19

Tournament Results
Friday, October 30
Lindenwood Open

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October 31, 2009 at 11:52 pm

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Wrestling time … the D3 rankings released

The NWCA Division III Coaches Association released the first set of rankings today.

For the list:

But for the individuals, I’ve saved you some time …

125 lbs.
1. Mike McInally – Rochester Institute of Technology (sr)
2. Mark Kist – Wartburg College (jr)
3. Clayton Rush – Coe College (jr)
4. Tyler Erdham – Elizabethtown College (so)
5. Jon Gregory – Ithaca College (jr)
6. Dan Bloom – Wesleyan University (sr)
7. Rob Miller – Thiel College (jr)
8. Lloyd McKinney – UW La Crosse (jr)
9. Max Oldenburg – UW Whitewater (jr)
10. Joe Norton – North Central College (sr)

133 lbs.
1. Nick Nothern – Cornell College (sr)
2. Jake Oster – Elmhurst College (sr)
3. Chad Winowich – Ithaca College (sr)
4. Mogi Baatar – Saint John’s University (sr)
5. Tony Lawler – Heidelberg College (jr)
6. Phillip Greene – US Merchant Marine Academy (sr)
7. Nick Cucciniello – Johnson & Wales University (jr)
8. Sean White – Wartburg College (sr)
9. Bebeto Yewah – UW La Crosse (so)
10. Dave Colagiovanni – Cortland State (sr)

141 lbs.
1. Myanga Batsukh – Saint John’s University (jr)
2. Austin Bautista – UW Whitewater (sr)
3. Kevin Donahue – Cornell College (jr)
4. Corey Brown – Thiel College (so)
5. Tony Valek – Augsburg College (so)
6. Nick Garber – Waynesburg University (jr)
7. Dylan Rittenberg – Williams College ( sr)
8. Virgil pope – Milwaukee School of Engineering (jr)
9. James Beshada – US Merchant Marine Academy (jr)
10. John Barnett – College of New Jersey (jr)

149 lbs.
1. Matt Mauseth – UW La Crosse (jr)
2. Blaine Woszczak – Ithaca College (jr)
3. Jason Pyle – Luther College (jr)
4. Corey Paulish – Williams College (jr)
5. Issac Dukes – Case Western reserve University (so)
6. Tyler Branham – College of new Jersey (sr)
7. Dale Fava – Delaware Valley College (jr)
8. Kevin Sutherland – Rhode Island College (jr)
9. Stephen Perez – Cortland State (jr)
10. Ryan Mulnix – Cornell College (jr)

157 lbs.
1. Jason Adams – Augsburg College (sr)
2. Luke Miller – Ohio Northern University (jr)
3. Jesse Milks – UW Platteville (sr)
4. Dan Dicolo – College of New Jersey (sr)
5. Willie Horwath – Ithaca College (sr)
6. Carrington Banks – Wartburg College (jr)
7. Matt Baarson – Saint John’s University (so)
8. Zach Mizer – Heidelberg College (sr)
9. Jesse Harrington – Delaware Valley College (jr)
10. Dan Twitto – US Merchant Marine Academy (jr)

165 lbs.
1. Michael Morin – University of Southern Maine (sr)
2. Josh Terrell – University of Dubuque (jr)
3. Chris Dahlheimer – Lycoming College (sr)
4. Justin Bonitatis – College of New Jersey (jr)
5. Trent Zempel – Messiah College (jr)
6. Orlando Ponce – Augsburg College (jr)
7. Vincent Renault – US Merchant Marine Academy (jr)
8. Matt Curley – Heidelberg College (jr)
9. Cory Ferguson – UW La Crosse (jr)
10. Lane Lunde – Concordia-Moorhead College (sr)

174 lbs.
1. Evan Brown – University of Dubuque (sr)
2. Mike Schmitz – UW La Crosse (so)
3. Zach Molitor – Augsburg College (jr)
4. Frank Heffernan – Wilkes University (sr)
5. Brian Thomason – York College (jr)
6. David Priest – Ithaca College (jr)
7. Sam Engelland – UW Oshkosh (so)
8. Seth Rehn – Coe College (jr)
9. Troy Carlson – University of Chicago (sr)
10. Greg Hurd – Wesleyan University (sr)

184 lbs.
1. Phil Moenkedick – Concordia-Moorhead College (jr)
2. Gabe Youel – North Central College (sr)
3. Tyler Burkle – Coe College (sr)
4. Ben Engelland – UW Stevens Point (jr)
5. Dustin Baxter – Saint John’s University (jr)
6. Ben Adams – John Carroll University (sr)
7. Sam Laes – UW Oshkosh (sr)
8. Mike Reilly – King’s College (jr)
9. Chris Carabello – Ithaca College (so)
10. Josh Wake – Oneonta State (sr)

197 lbs.
1. Jared Massey – Augsburg College (sr)
2. Ryan Malo – Williams College (jr)
3. Andy Moore – UW LaCrosse (sr)
4. Rob Kramer – Coe College (sr)
5. Bill Schindel – Mount Union College (jr)
6. Corbin Semple – Waynesburg University (jr)
7. Eric Vincent – US Merchant Marine Academy (sr)
8. Zach Pizarro – Wilkes University (sr)
9. Vinny Sapienza – North Central College (sr)
10. Byron Tate – Wartburg College (so)

285 lbs.
1. Dan Laurent – UW La Crosse (sr)
2. Mark Corsello – Elmhurst College (jr)
3. John Helgerson – Wartburg College (jr)
4. Andrew Witzel – Augsburg College (sr)
5. Adam Sutter – Lakeland College (sr)
6. Mitch Sander – Coe College (sr)
7. Brock Glotfelty – McDaniel College (jr)
8. Deron Sharp – Elizabethtown College (sr)
9. Jon Schmidt – UW Whitewater (sr)
10. Joe Murphy – Cortland State (sr)

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October 28, 2009 at 1:42 pm

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A few tidbits …

… tonight’s Angels-Yankees game gave me heart palpitations several times. The game-winning double occurred just moments before I sat down to dinner.

… as soon as I read “Wife Swap” in a story about Balloon Boy the day the “story” clouded cable news, I figured it was a plug to get these crazy parents on television again. Looks like my first impression was right.

… I’m flying to Colorado in a few hours for a job interview.

…’s preseason rankings came out today. I tell you one thing about Division III, it’s one of the best tournaments to cover. I had one of the best wrestling experiences in my life last year when I covered the event in Cedar Rapids.

… I think way too many juniors making verbal commitments is detrimental to wrestling news. I guess I was part of the problem a few years ago when then-Christiansburg High School (Va.) junior Cody Gardner announced his commitment to Virginia Tech. Yes, I wrote a story about it.

… I’m covering/broadcasting the Sunkist Kids International Open this weekend in Phoenix. So this week, I get to cross off two states I’ve never previously been — Colorado and Arizona. I’ve been to the Denver airport, but that doesn’t count. Neither does Salt Lake City in Utah, which I cannot count. And sadly, I can’t count The Netherlands, either. I was only in Amsterdam’s airport for a total of three hours.

… Wayland Baptist added wrestling last week. I tweeted about it, posted it a few places on the message boards, but I’ll say this again, great move for wrestling. This goes without saying, there needs to be a Division I program in Texas.

… “The Ed Show” on MSNBC sucks. Makes me hate politics even more.

… I need to stop playing Mafia Wars on Facebook.

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October 20, 2009 at 2:21 am

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Top Chef: Me … and let’s go Angels!

Since returning home from the World Championships, I’ve been watching a lot of wrestling. I’ve been watching it in the form of old NWCA Convention and Clinic DVD’s. I’m doing some work for my old employer in building on to the technique video library we started when I was at InterMat about three years ago.

So far, I’ve put together 160 new technique clips, but I still have 9 years of DVD’s to rifle through. It’s a perk of the NWCA membership, and if you’re so interested in seeing how the “Coaches Corner” develops, check out

Anyway, it’s long been known I’m an Angels fan. I still refuse to call them the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and I’ll forever refer to them as the California Angels or simple “Anaheim.” We knocked out the BoSox in a three-game sweep, with a remarkable comeback against fearsome Bah-ston closer Jonathan Papelbon.  Next up, the Evil Empire known as the New York Yankees.

I’m looking forward to a good ALCS, at least, to erase the memory of the 2005 ALCS when the Halos lost to the White Sox in a series involving a dropped strikeout or something I’d rather not remember.

I’m waiting for wrestling season, but the location of such is still undetermined. I won’t go into too many details as to why, but I’ll probably know something within the next two weeks.

In the meantime, you might know I stepped away from the Wrestling 411 project for several reasons I would rather not discuss, because while I still believe in the project and the need for a “SportsCenter” type of show for wrestling, our outfit was let down by a lot of people who said they would donate and then backed out on their word. That’s what happened people, they backed out on their word. No sugar coating it, excuses, whatever.

Anyway, Abby started her new job a few weeks ago and loves it. She commutes from her place into downtown Minneapolis, and a few times, I’ll drop her off in the morning, pick her up in the evening and then we’ll go do something cool. Last Friday, we ate at Fogo De Chao, which is a Brazilian steakhouse with some absolutely FANTASTIC food.

We haven’t gone out to eat much in the past month, because we’ve made an effort to make dinner at home. I discovered teh greatness of the Crock Pot and had some grill time before it got cold. Oh, and it snowed last week. Screw that. It’s October.

So while I’m in the middle of the job world, I’m freelancing and working from home, so I’m shouldering the load in making dinner. I’m actually finding out, I’m a pretty decent cook. I’ll take recipes, then add my own little tweaks to them. It’s been more cost-effective and healthier eating.

There’s also something about cooking your own meal, having it taste good, and of course, getting a look of satisfaction from the person you made dinner for. On one of our first few dates, I made her dinner. That was a treat. Well, now it’s like that all the time.

When I get back into the normal work force, I wonder how much that will continue, but I enjoy making dinner. It’s not that hard, really. I wonder why so many people would rather shove McDonalds down their kids’ throats than make something quick and easy.

I made my first fettuccine alfredo the other night. No, this wasn’t boiling noodles and pouring a bottled sauce over them, I made the alfredo sauce from scratch. And it was a sauce much lower in fat than traditional alfredo, because I didn’t use the heavy cream like so many recipes call for. Although, I’ll go with grated parm next time, rather than shredded, because grated would melt easier.

I made homemade fried apples the other day, a throwback from my childhood. When I lived in Newport News (at the first place in the Richneck area), we had an apple tree in the backyard and mom would do them up really good. Abby’s parents gave her a bag of apples from their apple tree and I went to work on them. I was super stoked they came out delicious.

Sunday, I get to make my first batch of chili. I know what you’re thinking, it’s chili, it’s easy. Well, I’ve eaten chili for a long time, it’s a staple of cold-weather living, in fact, Jake’s Sports Grill in New Brighton typically has great chili. But we’re having two of Abby’s friends over on Sunday to watch the Vikings (blah) game. So I’m making chili! Woot!

And Saturday, I’m taking Abby to check out her first roller derby event. The Minnesota Roller Girls take on the Carolina Roller Girls at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium. She’ll get to see what I’ve been talking about every time I take a drink out of a Dutchland Rollers draft glass purchased from Brendee’s in Lancaster.

Tonight, we’re going to eat at Emily’s Lebanese Delicatessen in Minneapolis. We saw this featured on the Travel Channel (or Food Network) a few months back and we’ve been wanting to try it.

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October 16, 2009 at 5:11 pm

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Repost: Save Fullerton Wrestling – NWCA All-Star Classic

Feel free to link and embed this video on any and all of your respective blogs, wrestling web sites, etc.

Written by Jason Bryant

October 2, 2009 at 2:10 pm

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