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Title IX news on Quinninpiac Volleyball case

As expected, those defending the Quinnipiac women’s volleyball team have called in Donna Lopiano, the former head honcho of the Women’s Sports Foundation, as a Title IX expert.

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FOR THE RECORD: I disagree with Quinnipiac dropping these sports, retaliating in cutting more sports and the alleged “cooking of the books.” Title IX’s gender quota forces schools to institute roster caps on men’s sports to make sure too many men don’t get to play, because women’s rosters aren’t as full. Quinnipiac should be dealt with accordingly if they’re truly shifting things around — but also, there is no accurate way to gauge interest in athletics between men and women, because some groups feel ASKING men and women what they want isn’t the best way to know what they want to do … onward.

Now, there’s one statement in there that makes me raise an eyebrow, not to mention how a perceived advocate of women’s sports is trashing one of the activities that many young girls and women compete in. Ask a cheerleader — is cheerleading a sport. Now as a “women’s” sports quota monger — is cheerleading a sport.

The “women’s” group doesn’t see the case of their skirt-clad competitors. It doesn’t help the angry WSF agenda to admit that girls like cheerleading.

Said Lopiano: “The more sports there are the better it is for women,” she said. “The NCAA does not classify competitive cheerleading as an emerging sport. It’s clear the NCAA does not support it. It doesn’t fulfill the criteria set forth by the Office of Civil Rights. I do not believe any school can count it as a sport. It hasn’t evolved enough. In the future it could, but not as it exists today. It’s not a sport. It’s not even close.

So under those criteria, how many “sports” aren’t actually sports? Women’s wrestling, an Olympic sport for the past two cycles, apparently isn’t a sport because the NCAA doesn’t support it, right? I wonder how many other Olympic sports that could be available for women aren’t sports because the NCAA doesn’t classify it as “emerging.”

Sorry girls, the “Women’s” Sports Foundation doesn’t represent your best interest in athletics, only their own.

And I’d expect Ms. Lopiano isn’t a fan of Debbie Yow, an innovative AD who isn’t skirting Title IX when she added competitive cheer, she was a trailblazer for women and girls around the nation who love their sport.

I was a wrestler, my sister a cheerleader. That’s what she wanted to do. That was her sport. That was her choice. No social construct, but a short, athletic girl wanted to be on the competitive/competition cheer squad.

I dare Ms. Lopiano to go to a cheerleading competition and tell those GIRLS and MOTHERS that cheerleading isn’t a sport.

Written by Jason Bryant

June 22, 2010 at 10:45 am

Posted in Title IX