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KKTV Colorado Springs pulls a “Heidi” on golf fans

Here is the e-mail I just sent to KKTV (CBS 4) in Colorado Springs.

They have a link on their home page:

This is bush league … my e-mail below.

So during the last major championship of the PGA season, KKTV finds it appropriate to not only go away for a meaningless PRESEASON NFL game and forces people to watch online for the playoff?

I’m new to Colorado Springs, but this is absolutely a slap in the face to people who have watched your station all weekend, only to be turned away from the final part of the golf tournament.

I will not be watching KKTV in the future, because this is HORRIBLE station management. I could care less about the contract with the Broncos, because in the entire realm of sports, this event is more important than some preseason game.

You say you can watch online, but not everyone has the high speed access to watch the feed. Fortunately, I do, but your station and the station management should be held accountable for screwing the pooch on this one.

Will you guys do the same thing when the U.S. Women’s Open, in Colorado Springs next year, airs? Will you guys cover that like you’re big golf fans and just ignore the fact your station went away from one of the biggest sporting events of the year?

I don’t even like golf, but I watch the championships.

I know this isn’t your call (to the person I directly e-mailed), but your station is a disgrace for doing this to the viewers of the PGA Championships.

Written by Jason Bryant

August 15, 2010 at 6:42 pm

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