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I haven’t updated in a long, long, long time. But there’s a quick thing to update … I’ll be moving back to Minnesota next month. I’m starting a new job, but the job has nothing to do with why I’m moving, it just happened to work out well.

I might end up shutting this blog down eventually, but I haven’t decided what to do really.



Written by Jason Bryant

October 13, 2012 at 7:51 pm

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Adam Frey dies after long battle with cancer

I posted this over on after I heard of Adam Frey’s passing on December 26 … I will miss my friend.

Jason Bryant USA Wrestling

The wrestling community lost a good friend today. Adam Frey, the Cornell wrestler who fought cancer time after time with just as much tenacity as he did when he wrestled foes to the mat, passed away on Saturday, Dec. 26.

Frey was a Junior Nationals freestyle champion and top-ranked recruit when he signed with Cornell University. He was an NCAA qualifier for Cornell as a freshman. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer during his sophomore season.

It’s with a heavy heart and glossy eyes that we have to report Adam’s passing. Throughout the wrestling world in the last two years, Adam’s fight has been an inspiration to everyone. He fought through chemotherapy to coach wrestlers for Team Pennsylvania in Fargo. He got excitable coaching at his own benefit match. He wore a cowboy hat around to cover his bald head, but still thought it was stylish. He fought long enough to see his brother graduate from Blair Academy and wrestle Division I at Princeton. He fought long enough to enjoy the 2009 NCAA Division I Championships in St. Louis. He fought long enough to make more friends along the way, more than he could possibly imagine.

He started his own radio show, created his own cancer research foundation, he survived a car accident that should have cut him down years ago.

We lost Adam Frey today, and it hurts. It hurts those close the family the hardest. It hurts the family, who so desperately wanted Adam to beat this, and desperately wanted him to suffer no more. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary that can adequately define what it meant to talk to Adam as he documented his fight. Interview after interview, podcast and webcast, feature story and column, Adam raised awareness through his own fight.

I guess we will all struggle to identify as to why this was Adam’s time. I’m struggling with it, many of you reading this are struggling with it, friends, fans, family and teammates are all struggling with it.

He beat cancer time after time after time. If this were a boxing match, the ref would have stopped the fight long ago, and we would have hoisted Adam Frey on our shoulders as the kid who beat cancer with bludgeoning force.

But this wasn’t a boxing match and life, as precious as we all know it is, came down and leveled us with a punishing sucker punch. We lost Adam today and those of us that knew him, or didn’t even have to know him, will shed a tear and say a prayer today.

Adam Frey, we will miss you buddy. You fought the good fight and went down swinging the entire way. You’ll be missed by everyone.

From all of us at USA Wrestling and around the wrestling community around the country and the world … you touched so many lives, your memory and foundation will touch many more.

From the Adam Frey Foundation Facebook Group
Subject: ADAM FREY is at peace

I am sorry to inform everyone that Adam passed this afternoon, I was told he was not in pain when he left us. I want to thank everyone for supporting him in his battle and if you would like to leave a message of support for the Frey family please do on his blog. Thank you everyone I know it meant everything to Adam.
Josh Liebman (

Written by Jason Bryant

December 28, 2009 at 12:36 pm

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College Wrestling Scores: November 3

Written by Jason Bryant

November 5, 2009 at 10:12 am

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Hey Sporting News, look outside the box with your crappy lists

During my daily troll of the wrestling message boards, I came across a thread on referring to this list put out by The Sporting News about the Top 50 coaches of all-time.

The poster’s comment was, as expected, negative because the list didn’t contain Dan Gable, the long-time Iowa coach and 1972 Olympic Champion who led the Hawkeyes to 15 NCAA titles, including nine of them in a row. This was also in an era where there was more competition, more programs, Division II and III champions competing. He did it at a time where it was tougher, at least, if you’re looking at total competition. There are schools increasing their budgets to help wrestling, but you can’t pull the “beat everyone because there was no one” card with Gable.

The list was trendy. As a broad-based sports fan, there isn’t a single name I didn’t recognize. The “Hall of Famers” were from the major sports. I think Pat Summitt and Geno Auriemma (Tennessee & Connecticut women’s basketball) would have gone unnoticed had they not been likely listed on the nomination form.

Anyway, I also saw another omission — Beth Anders, the long-time field hockey coach at Old Dominion University, my alma mater. So here’s my reply on The Sporting News’ website about Gable and Anders.

Here’s my reply on The Sports News site.

“The comments above on Dan Gable are accurate. You can’t mention college wrestling without mentioning Iowa, which means you can’t not mention Dan Gable. He set the bar in this sport and his omission caters to the trendy mainstream crowd.

Then there’s Beth Anders, the “Wooden” or “Gable” of women’s college field hockey. From ’81-’00, Old Dominion’s field hockey team won NINE NCAA Championships and finished second three times.

How’s this for a winning percentage: 492-92-7 … In 29 seasons, ODU Field Hockey has made the NCAA Tournament 28 times, with last year being the first time in school history the school didn’t make it.

I’d equate Beth Anders dominance to Pat Summitt’s in terms of competition and becoming the dominant force in the sport.

Without Dan Gable or Beth Anders even considered, this list just continues to be part of the “Hey, it’s a trendy list.”

When polled, did these Hall of Famers know anything outside “popular” names?

Every single name on this list is recognizable. Shows lack of research.

You list Hank Iba at Oklahoma State, but what about E.C. Gallagher … you know Gallagher-Iba Arena? E.C. Gallagher led Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State) to 11 National Championships in 13 years, ranging from 1928 – 40.

You guys need to let your “experts” and Hall of Famers know there are more Hall of Fames than what SportsCenter and The Sporting News tell you about. I used to subscribe to this publication, a long, long time ago.

Glad to see the reasons I stopped subscribing still exist … lack of any such broad-based sports coverage.

We talk about being mainstream, then the “mainstream” media compiles a list ignoring two of the most important college coaches outside of roundball and pigskin. If it weren’t for ESPN, who the hell would know who Pat Summitt and Geno are?

I even went further, comparing E.C. Gallagher to Hank Iba. Gallagher won 11 national championships in 13 years at Oklahoma A&M/State. Iba won two in 36 seasons. Iba’s not even the best coach in Oklahoma A&M/State’s athletic history. I know he was a well-respected coach, but in this case, numbers don’t lie.

Same with Anders, who might be the second-most instense current head coach in college, behind current Iowa head coach Tom Brands. Basically, if Tom Brands were a field hockey coach, he’d be Beth Anders.

Written by Jason Bryant

July 30, 2009 at 4:52 pm

Marathon Log: July 29

Back at it with a crappy video.

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July 29, 2009 at 9:01 pm

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A short update on the running.

Here’s an update.

Been very slow going this week, I’ve still got that weird “pop” feeling in the back of my left foot, around where my achilles is … so for that reason, I’ve basically rested up this week and will get back on the horse come Tuesday. It really is problematic when I walk around barefoot and walk up the stairs.

Maybe when I cut the grass tomorrow (it’s way too long and it’s all wet right now), I’ll get a feeling for how the rest has done for it. I had tendonitis in my right achilles a year or so ago and had to wear a boot around for like two weeks. I’ve worn the boot on my left foot just to keep it straight for a few hours at a time, but I’m still doing things with the girl that require anything other than the boot — batting cages, driving range, dinner, movies — so I don’t want to slow the pace.

That’s the abbreviated update for the time being.

Written by Jason Bryant

June 27, 2009 at 5:04 pm

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Marathon Log: May 22 … Girl Wrestler Day!

Written by Jason Bryant

May 22, 2009 at 3:07 pm

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