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Four Points: Boy, that’s brisk!

Yes, I’m being a complete wuss about my animosity towards the cold weather and snow. The worst thing about living up here is going to be getting used to the winter chill that’s already in the air. The best part about living here is easily the people. It’s really hard to find a nicer bunch of people (collectively) than those I’ve met in the upper Midwest.

I’m watching the Wild-Blackhawks game as two of my roommates are there watching. I’ve got another roommate shooting darts behind me. I’ve already beaten him in Cricket tonight so my undefeated streak here in Arden Hills remains safe.

I’m going to have to get that health club membership soon. Why? I need a place to run, jog and walk. As I noted before, I’ve decided to give the Go! St. Louis Marathon a shot come April. I started to get in the frame of mind last week. I walked/jogged 13 miles last week and tonight, did more running than I had on a short “Route 66” two-mile trip. There’s a convenience store just across 35W which is a mile from the house. An up and back is what I call “The 66.” It’s now an Exxon or something, but it used to be a Phillips 66 as my roommate Joe (Tired of Renting?) explained.

I’m tracking my progress at, but I’m looking over things for the running rookie, which I am, and realized my start date last week was exactly 26 weeks from the marathon, which works well with‘s 26-week training plan. I’ll basically be spending the next 11 weeks getting myself into a state where I CAN put some foot to pavement with some speed and distance. Right now, it’s just slow jogs and brisk walks.

Two more miles Monday. It’s freakin’ cold.

Weather: Beautiful, clear and COLD. 38 degrees here, but 39 degrees back home!
Gas: $2.15
Mileage: 15 miles.
STL: 174 days.

This is Halloweentown
One thing I do like about the office environment I have here in Minnesota is the relationship Kyle and I have with the other entities in the office building. The other half of the building is occupied by J Robinson Camps and the staff over there is incredibly fun to work with. While we’re not working with them directly, the office dynamic is laid back, fun and you can always find someone cracking a joke or, as I found out, making very useful signs on dry-erase boards and appliances.

This Friday will be our monthly “Pot Luck” lunch where we all bring something in and grub out. It’s also Halloween. The girls love this, as I’ve seen in pictures posted around the office. They’re all quite creative.

Streak @ 32 ends @ 3
I won’t be going to the Super 32 this year, which will end a three-year run in Greensboro. Dave Barker, Sara Koenig and staff have done a great job making that event what it is today — the most talked-about and most competitive preseason tournament in the nation. Not bad for a little club tournament not even 10 years ago. I really enjoyed going down there, but not being on the East Coast makes a one-day trek across the country most difficult. I knew this in advance, so I tried to make up for it by going down to Iowa on Saturday, as I talked about yesterday.

I’m waiting to unveil my Halloween Costume, but it would have been cool to wear it at a tournament. I will look forwarded to checking out the historic “First Avenue” that Sunday, though. I’ll be attending a concert by Minnesota’s own Atmosphere.

Book it!
Anyone remember the Book It! Campaign back in the late 80’s and 90’s? It rewarded kids for reading books with personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut. Man, talk about inspiring a nation of bookworm, cheese-bread munching WoW players. Just kidding. But I’m back on the book kick again. Why? Give Mark Palmer of the credit for this one. After reading his review of “The Fighting Scots of Edinboro,” I jumped right online and headed over to to make this purchase. I’d read “The Silent Gladiators” earlier this year and was rather disappointed. I’m hoping to read a wrestling book that will not only educate, but will be well-written. I just finished “The Granby Roll,” a short biopic about the late Billy Martin.

Before I left Pennsylvania, I headed out to Pier Village, N.J., to visit my former partner in crime, the forum’s infamous prognosticator Gripsnhips (Herbert dec. Askren 5-4). After housing a GreaseTruck-sized sandwich, he made me read a chapter from this wacky book. He insisted that I take it with me. I neglected to, but upon purchasing “The Fighting Scots” the book I so desperately tried to remember, was sitting there on the “recommended reading” from Amazon. SCORE.

So after the ‘Boro book, I’ll dive into the Chuck Klosterman offering pictured.

The Wrestling411 web site has been undergoing some rather odd hack/attack attempts in the last two days. Keep an eye on some great news coming from the NWCA/InterMat that will really change the way wrestling results are distributed and accessed. This is going to be a great asset for the wrestling community and the national media — not wrestling media — but the mainstream media. We will have some substance, trust me. Kyle Klingman released an interview with Wisconsin coach Barry Davis on Wrestling411 today, as well.

Written by Jason Bryant

October 27, 2008 at 9:32 pm