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One wrecked truck … the quick story, more details when it gets sorted out

As some of you might know from my posts on TheWrestlingTalk and on Wrestling411, I was in a one-car accident this weekend in Waterloo, Iowa.

So here’s the deal … I posted this on TWT yesterday.

I’m more freaked out than anything else. There’s just a helpless feeling when you’re sliding and have no control, and just have to roll with it.

Basically, I was getting on to Highway 218, not three blocks from the hotel, and as I merged into the two main lanes, hit a patch of ice, ended up sliding a ways before the wheels hit “dry” pavement. When it did, it was like those cars you wound up and put on the floor. I shot head first into the concrete barrier. I braced myself for the impact, totally unaware I even had airbags. The smell of that airbag explosion is burned into my nostrils.

I’ve been a zombie all day, I’ve really had no idea what’s been going on. My vitals checked out ok. I’m not dizzy, not lightheaded or have a headache, I hit a bunch of aleve, so I don’t have any pain just yet, but it’s just scary because I think it could have been a lot worse.

The good thing is I didn’t “get” a ticket, even though I could have been cited for improper driving. Grabbed my cameras, passport, disc golf discs, iPod and anything else worth taking out of the truck.

I JUUUUST paid it off in October, and spent $400 getting it started (Fuel regulator or something) and now I turn around and slam it into a jersey barrier.

I’ll probably post something about this on the Bryant Blog later tonight, I’m still shaken up, but I got to the tournament by the end of the first round.

Once I got “on the air” i felt better, but I’m still a bit of a mess.


Written by Jason Bryant

January 11, 2009 at 10:36 pm