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A tale of two blogs

I got into a lengthy and somewhat heated discussion with one of my wrestling friends over the weekend. The topics ranged from media coverage and access, to of all things, blogs.

Well, as I read over a few wrestling-related ones in the past 24 hours, some things are apparent. Lest one be self-serving and repetitive or else don’t think freely. The best wrestling blogs often go unread because they are either too long or don’t have any teeth, meaning, they don’t throw stones. I mean, we’re a society built upon drama, conflict and opinions.

The winning side of yesterday’s debate was the fact that no where else can we find less qualified people spouting off about basically anything they want. Yes, we have the right, and it’s a great one. But take the two stances the following blogs take in the wake of the Olympic Games.

Jim Brown’s View from Section GG, a personal favorite read: Here.
Martin Floreani of Flowrestling had a blog post coming back from China, impressively written with his thumbs in an airport on a blackberry (which honestly, I found pretty amusing). Here.

What’s the difference in the two? As Radio Shack would say, “You’ve got Questions, We’ve got Answers.”

But who has solutions? We have two ideas which are similar, but they’ve got vastly different approaches.

Written by Jason Bryant

August 25, 2008 at 11:04 am

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