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Wrestling time … the D3 rankings released

The NWCA Division III Coaches Association released the first set of rankings today.

For the list:

But for the individuals, I’ve saved you some time …

125 lbs.
1. Mike McInally – Rochester Institute of Technology (sr)
2. Mark Kist – Wartburg College (jr)
3. Clayton Rush – Coe College (jr)
4. Tyler Erdham – Elizabethtown College (so)
5. Jon Gregory – Ithaca College (jr)
6. Dan Bloom – Wesleyan University (sr)
7. Rob Miller – Thiel College (jr)
8. Lloyd McKinney – UW La Crosse (jr)
9. Max Oldenburg – UW Whitewater (jr)
10. Joe Norton – North Central College (sr)

133 lbs.
1. Nick Nothern – Cornell College (sr)
2. Jake Oster – Elmhurst College (sr)
3. Chad Winowich – Ithaca College (sr)
4. Mogi Baatar – Saint John’s University (sr)
5. Tony Lawler – Heidelberg College (jr)
6. Phillip Greene – US Merchant Marine Academy (sr)
7. Nick Cucciniello – Johnson & Wales University (jr)
8. Sean White – Wartburg College (sr)
9. Bebeto Yewah – UW La Crosse (so)
10. Dave Colagiovanni – Cortland State (sr)

141 lbs.
1. Myanga Batsukh – Saint John’s University (jr)
2. Austin Bautista – UW Whitewater (sr)
3. Kevin Donahue – Cornell College (jr)
4. Corey Brown – Thiel College (so)
5. Tony Valek – Augsburg College (so)
6. Nick Garber – Waynesburg University (jr)
7. Dylan Rittenberg – Williams College ( sr)
8. Virgil pope – Milwaukee School of Engineering (jr)
9. James Beshada – US Merchant Marine Academy (jr)
10. John Barnett – College of New Jersey (jr)

149 lbs.
1. Matt Mauseth – UW La Crosse (jr)
2. Blaine Woszczak – Ithaca College (jr)
3. Jason Pyle – Luther College (jr)
4. Corey Paulish – Williams College (jr)
5. Issac Dukes – Case Western reserve University (so)
6. Tyler Branham – College of new Jersey (sr)
7. Dale Fava – Delaware Valley College (jr)
8. Kevin Sutherland – Rhode Island College (jr)
9. Stephen Perez – Cortland State (jr)
10. Ryan Mulnix – Cornell College (jr)

157 lbs.
1. Jason Adams – Augsburg College (sr)
2. Luke Miller – Ohio Northern University (jr)
3. Jesse Milks – UW Platteville (sr)
4. Dan Dicolo – College of New Jersey (sr)
5. Willie Horwath – Ithaca College (sr)
6. Carrington Banks – Wartburg College (jr)
7. Matt Baarson – Saint John’s University (so)
8. Zach Mizer – Heidelberg College (sr)
9. Jesse Harrington – Delaware Valley College (jr)
10. Dan Twitto – US Merchant Marine Academy (jr)

165 lbs.
1. Michael Morin – University of Southern Maine (sr)
2. Josh Terrell – University of Dubuque (jr)
3. Chris Dahlheimer – Lycoming College (sr)
4. Justin Bonitatis – College of New Jersey (jr)
5. Trent Zempel – Messiah College (jr)
6. Orlando Ponce – Augsburg College (jr)
7. Vincent Renault – US Merchant Marine Academy (jr)
8. Matt Curley – Heidelberg College (jr)
9. Cory Ferguson – UW La Crosse (jr)
10. Lane Lunde – Concordia-Moorhead College (sr)

174 lbs.
1. Evan Brown – University of Dubuque (sr)
2. Mike Schmitz – UW La Crosse (so)
3. Zach Molitor – Augsburg College (jr)
4. Frank Heffernan – Wilkes University (sr)
5. Brian Thomason – York College (jr)
6. David Priest – Ithaca College (jr)
7. Sam Engelland – UW Oshkosh (so)
8. Seth Rehn – Coe College (jr)
9. Troy Carlson – University of Chicago (sr)
10. Greg Hurd – Wesleyan University (sr)

184 lbs.
1. Phil Moenkedick – Concordia-Moorhead College (jr)
2. Gabe Youel – North Central College (sr)
3. Tyler Burkle – Coe College (sr)
4. Ben Engelland – UW Stevens Point (jr)
5. Dustin Baxter – Saint John’s University (jr)
6. Ben Adams – John Carroll University (sr)
7. Sam Laes – UW Oshkosh (sr)
8. Mike Reilly – King’s College (jr)
9. Chris Carabello – Ithaca College (so)
10. Josh Wake – Oneonta State (sr)

197 lbs.
1. Jared Massey – Augsburg College (sr)
2. Ryan Malo – Williams College (jr)
3. Andy Moore – UW LaCrosse (sr)
4. Rob Kramer – Coe College (sr)
5. Bill Schindel – Mount Union College (jr)
6. Corbin Semple – Waynesburg University (jr)
7. Eric Vincent – US Merchant Marine Academy (sr)
8. Zach Pizarro – Wilkes University (sr)
9. Vinny Sapienza – North Central College (sr)
10. Byron Tate – Wartburg College (so)

285 lbs.
1. Dan Laurent – UW La Crosse (sr)
2. Mark Corsello – Elmhurst College (jr)
3. John Helgerson – Wartburg College (jr)
4. Andrew Witzel – Augsburg College (sr)
5. Adam Sutter – Lakeland College (sr)
6. Mitch Sander – Coe College (sr)
7. Brock Glotfelty – McDaniel College (jr)
8. Deron Sharp – Elizabethtown College (sr)
9. Jon Schmidt – UW Whitewater (sr)
10. Joe Murphy – Cortland State (sr)

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October 28, 2009 at 1:42 pm

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Day 5: Foreshadowing St. Louis …

I’m watching Horatio (David Caruso) from CSI Miami draw his gun and say something witty … it’s just after midnight and the fifth day of my journey around the nation to cover three NCAA wrestling championships. After waking up after a long night out celebrating with folks after the Division III championships finished up, I drove down from Cedar Rapdis to Iowa City to pick up Kyle, who was staying with a friend for the first part of the trip.

He’s an Iowa native and knows the lay of the land. So today was really the start of our collective trip. We loaded up in my Trailblazer and headed south down the Avenue of the Saints.

I asked Kyle, “Why’s it called Avenue of the Saints?” He said it runs from St. Louis to St. Paul (it’s not like I’ve verified the claim, but I believe him). We’re stopping in St. Louis tonight and staying with Sara Levin, a friend who has worked around the sport for a long time including stints with USA Wrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Sara’s a straight shooter and has been a great host. Her dog Jake, a ridgeback, is a lovable mutt (yes, I know he’s not a mutt by definition, but I like to call dogs mutts anyway … maybe I should have said degs?).

I guess this is where I should explain how much fun I had at the Division III tournament, because that’s all I had … fun. The heart, the passion, the excitement displayed on the mats in Cedar Rapids was something wrestling fans need to witness first hand. You can say what you want about wanting to watch “the best” wrestling and pay attention to the Division I qualifiers, but what I saw in the quarterfinals on Friday and semifinals on Saturday was amazing. This wasn’t sloppy wrestling, this was balls to the wall (Accept reference, rockers unite!). The flurries, the reversals of fortune, the glee on the faces of coaches and athletes were what make this sport great.

Watching Josh Holforty of UW-Eau Claire walk off the mat and hug his coach, Don Parker, was a special moment. Parker, confined to a wheelchair, is getting out of coaching after 32 years. Holforty was his last All-American. A moving experience to witness. Watching Joe Pistone and his staff act like complete wildmen in the corner during Michael Morin’s Round of 12 match is what puts wrestling, a solitary sport, above all others in my opinion. Yes, I’m extremely biased in way I present it, but are these wrestlers any less important? No. Do they not sacrifice just as much as the big boys? That’s rhetorical, but why shouldn’t we, as wrestling fans, be excited that Southern Maine had its first All-American?

What really annoyed me was the broadcast feed never got to the fans. Kyle and I, at least I feel, did a solid job with it. It was by far one of our best broadcasts to date. There’s an NCAA highlight package up now, but it only shows a portion of what we were able to do. You can check this out by following the Wrestling411 link explaining how to watch the live broadcast. Oh, and that link is here.

We’re stopping in St. Louis, then heading to Stillwater on Monday to do a series of interviews from the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. Then down to Texas for a couple of days before Division II’s.

Damn, I just saw the episode where Horatio was shot … interesting …

If you get a chance, check out some of Kyle’s interviews from Division III’s … every wrestler has a story to tell, we got a chance to give you wrestlers you might not know anything about. So here’s where we’re at.


About 570 miles on the trip so far … 300 even today.

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March 9, 2009 at 1:05 am

The road trip: Day 1.5

It’s not the greatest of ideas, but at the same time, this has already been something that I will remember when it comes to “those moments” in my life I look back on.

Right now, I’m sitting in an office at the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute and Museum in Cedar Falls, Iowa. This place was destroyed during the floods last summer and it was lucky to get back up and running. This is now the third time I’ve been to the Gable Museum — the first was at the National Duals, the same weekend where I totaled my truck, the second was yesterday and now the third is today.

I’ve got some postcards to mail out. I’ve already gotten an oil change, something I should have done before I left Minnesota yesterday. I’m updating Facebook, Twitter, the blog … and who knows what else during this trip. The biggest question I have is how to follow this accordingly.

Should I post it over here, with more of a personal tone, or should I write a separate entity entirely for the Wrestling 411 side of things? I’ll post mileage charts and things of that nature on the 411, but really, where I want to write some of the cool things down will be here.

Cool thing #1: We stayed with Kyle’s parents last night. Ken Klingman is the team chaplain for the Northern Iowa wrestling team and an all-around good guy. I slept in a twin bed (wondering where my brother was — ok, Mitch Hedberg I am not) for the first time in like … five or six years or something like that. What’s cool about that? The Tom Brands and Brad Penrith family Christmas Cards sent to the Klingmans. No, I don’t think it’s “funny” and I’m not poking fun at it, rather I think it’s uplifting to see coaches, whom I only see in a wrestling-related work environment, in a family setting. I saw that with Greg Strobel and his wife, “Mrs. Coach,” but something about seeing Tom Brands in a Christmas card with his wife and kids made me smile. I thought the grin he had was somewhat amusing, but it proves, yes wrestling fans, these people are real outside of the sport.

Cool Thing #2: Being able to set up shop here in the Gable Museum and get some work done while I’m waiting to head down to Cedar Rapids for the Division III Championships. Sending out some post cards shortly.

Ironically, this is the exact same exit I totaled my truck at during January. Not just the same town, but as I leave here today, I’ll drive right up the on-ramp where I lost control.

Only difference is today, the temperature is 60 degrees and its gorgeous. I get to open up the sunroof on my Trailblazer and play my “Set the Cruise Control to 90 mix”

I like making mix CD’s with themes … I have another one I’ve labled as “Highway 218 in Iowa Sucks,” but that’s for obvious reasons.

If I was on my other computer, I’d post the playlist. Maybe I’ll do that later when I get to the arena in Cedar Rapids.

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March 5, 2009 at 2:05 pm

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