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Repost: Save Fullerton Wrestling – NWCA All-Star Classic

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Written by Jason Bryant

October 2, 2009 at 2:10 pm

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NWCA All-Star Classic coming to Fullerton

Written by Jason Bryant

September 17, 2009 at 1:51 pm

Well, how’s that for a start?

Saturday’s time for college football and someway, somehow, one of my roommates has overtaken the downstairs TV and we’re watching commie kickball — soccer.

Northwestern and Minnesota are knotted at halftime, but the knot of the day comes in the very first dual meet of the year between Division I teams at the Fighting Scot Duals up in Edinboro, Pa.

I think you can ice fish in Edinboro 13 months out of the year, but they do know how to wrestle up there. Edinboro blanked Division II Findlay 38-0, but in the first all-D1 dual, Mike Sprigg’s late takedown lifted Army into a 19-19 tie with #17 Maryland.

Obviously the outcome was impacted with two-time NCAA qualifier Mike Letts not appearing for the Terps. But you can’t base results on who wasn’t there.

Big match of the dual was at 149 pounds where All-American Matt Kyler rallied from an early 5-0 defecit to pin Maryland sophomore Eric Medina. The only other fall registered in the dual was by the only other All-American in the line-up, Maryland’s Hudson Taylor. Richard Starks struck first, taking down Taylor, but the former Blair Academy stud turned the tables and pinned Starks later in the first.

For a live-time update of what’s going on, my former gig, InterMat, is trotting out the new live coverage system developed and given to college teams for free. The NWCA Scorebook is in action. Check out the rest of the day’s events here. Click “COL LIVE CVG MEETS” and then click the date to see duals in progress and other results.

Written by Jason Bryant

November 1, 2008 at 12:50 pm

Four Points: An apt title is escaping

I can’t think of any quip for a title, so bear with it. It’s Friday here in the Twin Cities and I’m struggling to figure out the high school football scene up here. Apparently the Eden Prairie-Minnetonka game is a big deal. It’ll be on TV. I think I might end up bowling again. Flaherty’s in Arden Hills has a slick little alley, but if you get there at the wrong time, you’re waiting behind a line of teenagers paying individually for bowling shoes — which takes about an hour.

I wasted 90 minutes of my life watching the Vice Presidential debate last night. I counted 20 channels with it live last night. NBC screwed us out of watching another episode of The Office, but I did catch My Name is Earl. There’s something funny about Luther from Coach playing a former WWII solider and battling with John Amos from Good Times.

Weather: 54 and calm, sunny and awesome.
Gas: $3.25 — the lowest I’ve seen it in some time.

Mizzou doing what it can to engage fanbase
Again, it’s not like programs are utilizing new concepts to raise money for their programs, but a release put out today by the University of Missouri outlines a common concept with some renewed vigor. The Tigers will host Hofstra in the season’s home opener on November 22 and every dollar from the gate goes right into the wrestling program. We did this back home and called it the “scholarship match.” Schools use this type of thing for non-revenue sports usually once or twice a year to raise money by charging admission. In my old haunts, field hockey would do it against opponents like North Carolina, a nationally recognized program in that sport. Some wrestling programs have the benefit of season ticket packages and loyal fans. Missouri, which is still new on the “elite program” level of Division I wrestling is still trying to get a repeat fan base, although Tiger duals are now attended better than they were in the past. The ticket price might seem high for wrestling, but remember what you’re paying for — YOUR PROGRAM. Time to be less stingy with the wallet (even during times of high gas prices) and help support our local programs. I’d encourage every wrestling fan within a reasonable driving distance of Columbia to get there and be a part in endowing your program.  It’s not a new concept, but it’s got a fresh look. Hopefully Coach Brian Stith & Staff can make this work and the model be redistributed nationwide.

Don’t fake the funk, kill it
With apologies to Shaquille O’Neal and his “Don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk,” secret password from an old roundball commercial, the NWCA has released a web-based seminar, or webinar, on outlining skin disease prevention. This is one thing the coaches association has done admirably in the last few years, providing more educational and informational resources to the wrestling community. People like to throw stones at the organization for not doing this and that, but important cases like this need to be recognized by everyone within the sport. Why? Because it’s about the safety of our athletes and prevention of skin disease pandemics that will further portray the sport in a negative light. Education is key and while they are my former employer, the benefits of such a program need to be utilized, not just passed off as a link you won’t click.

Don’t call me radio, Unit 91
Actually, you can call us radio … and you can call in. One of the goals with my new gig with Media Sports Productions is creating a product that showcases our sport nationally. One of these components is the launch of the Wrestling 411 radio program. Yesterday, we secured a contract with Augsburg College’s KAUG to be the host. Some people might wonder why we went with a low-power college radio station. Well, flexibility is the key here. When working with major radio stations, you’re limited by the time, funds, commercial space. KAUG is a lot like my old college station — free format and pretty wide open. KAUG has the streaming ability we’re looking for, the flexibility we desire and a young staff of college students eager to get more experience. We can give them the presence of having a national show based from their studio as well as be able to do “our own thing” with call-ins, guests, archived episodes and much more. We looked at Northwestern College, but their format of contemporary christian content and syndicated programming would have been troublesome to its listener base. KAUG gives us the best of what we need with the ability to still expose the show nationwide on the web.  Kyle Klingman and I will host the show twice a week during the season from November 11 through April. Kyle has already told me he’s ready to ask some questions that will put guests “on the spot.” He did something similar at Minnesota media day, which I talked about yesterday. The web site is also updated and will contain daily news as the season nears from Kyle and I. It’s like another blog, but with real news and insight, only more constructed compared to my seemingly endless rants here.  The site will also have podcast links so you can download our exclusive comment via iTunes as well.

By the way, join the facebook group. If you so desire.

Recruiting info
Glad to see my successor, Jeff Breese of InterMat, doing a great job at keying in on recruiting information. This week has been a big one. Shane Young committed to West Virginia, Max Ortega is heading to Indiana, Bucknell got two solid PA pickups, Old Dominion had a solid week with three big guns and two of New York’s best, Ian Paddock and Johnny Greisheimer, committed. Paddock’s going to Ohio State and Greisheimer is going to Edinboro. InterMat is still the first place to go for the recruiting news … that won’t change.

Written by Jason Bryant

October 3, 2008 at 4:38 pm