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Godzilla needs a toothbrush

It’s a nice little Thursday here in the Twin Cities and I’m taking this one in from a comfortable recliner, a 50-inch television and a really, really bad movie — Godzilla vs. Megaguirus. Remnants of a Jimmy John’s sub sit on the stand to my right, along with a cool can of Diet Mountain Dew, a glass of water, a snorkel and an avocado. The movie is the reason today’s blog has such a title. Working from home today allows me to lounge in some of the most comfortable sweats I’ve ever possessed. Before leaving Penn, Zeke Jones hooked me up with some awesome Champion sweats … comfortable and warm. Good stuff.

I’ve been trying to decide whether or not I have the ability to do a Four Points style of blog like I did with InterMat when I came to the realization that not only do I have the time, I should be writing wrestling musings daily, because I don’t have to spend near as much time here in the offseason toiling on behind-the-scenes projects. Oh, I’m still diligently prepping the show, meeting with folks who will build the set, working on graphics and schedules, and developing the show outline. It’s a learning experience. I’m confident in my ability to pull this off.

Here’s some things that I will bring back …
Weather: 60 degrees and beautiful.
Gas: $3.29 (On the Run, County Road E2, Arden Hills, MN)

It should be noted this is the new station for the updates, although I might have to get Tammy or Jeff at the NWCA to keep an eye out for the prices at Sheetz in Mt. Joy, the last base of my gas price monitoring. It’s right off 35W a quarter-mile from 694. ONWARD!

<Insert Cliche Brands Brothers reuniting headline here>
As I’ve mentioned on message boards the past day and a half, the Terry Brands move back to Iowa was one of the most poorly-guarded secrets in coaching news. It officially was announced yesterday, and with the machine that Tom has resurrected in Iowa City, that makes it much more tougher to leap over the Hawks. They’re not invincible, but this could be wrestling’s equivalent of the Yankees having A-Rod and Derek Jeter in the line-up — at least when you compare it to coaching.

Once chatter started circulating about USA Wrestling not being too pleased with Kevin Jackson following the Olympics, it was one or the other for Terry — the head of the Olympic program or back to Iowa — common sense could really dictate what was going to happen. While the appointment of Zeke Jones as the new National Team coach was a good one, Terry can have a carte blanche of sorts in Iowa City. I think Zeke will do great, but I think Terry would have done great as well. I guess this means there will be an end to seeing Tom in one corner and Terry in the other at events like the U.S. Nationals and World Team Trials. I always found that kinda funny.

California Love
“In case you haven’t noticed, and judging by the attendance, you haven’t, the Indians have managed to win a few ball games and are threatening to climb out of the cellar” — Harry Doyle, Major League.

Speaking of not noticing things, the California Community Colleges have started their season with some tournaments and dual meets. One thing that I find promising on the promotion of such a unique wrestling league, is the local papers picking up on things. Just today, I found two stories about duals involving CACC teams here and here. InterMat is posting the dual results again — give it a look.

Before I hit the next point, I just realized another benefit of working from home today — BASEBALL. Sadly, my Halos got beat by the damned Red Sox last night. I’m still burping the bad night, followed by a remnant of Grain Belt Premium. Now it’s Dew and the Rays-White Sox.

Minnesota Media Day
Being in the Twin Cities brings a unique experience in my wrestling coverage is being in Big Ten country. Growing up out east, the only Big Ten venue I’d visited was the one at Penn State. Great facilities, great campus, different atmosphere. I lived near Franklin & Marshall, which I thought was a unique little private school. Here, there’s like 100 F&M’s — Bethel, McCalester, Hamline, Northwestern College, St. Thomas to name a few.

But Minnesota hosted a media day yesterday, something uncommon for wrestling programs en masse, but the small but knowledgeable media field included Kyle Klingman and I, a writer for the Minnesota Daily, which is one of the best student daily newspapers I’ve read, Jeff Beshey from The Guillotine was there, as was Andrew Hipps of Having already two story ideas for the upcoming issue of W.I.N., I just had a chance to take it all in. We need more “media days” for our wrestling programs, not just in the Big Ten, but every school should use this concept. It’s not a new idea, but one that needs to be put into practice. It would help get more media coverage in the newspapers rather than just to wrestling-oriented media. Joe Russell showed me around the facilities, too. I like the dungeon-like wrestling room. Very blue collar.

A smart move by wrestling coaches
Everyone now has .com sports websites for their college athletics programs, but one trend that is continuing to be successful is the wrestling coaches are doing a good job at creating news about their program by getting their Sports Information offices engaged in writing releases about their schedules. This will put wrestling on the main page of their athletic web sites during football season and will give the fans of one sport a chance to read about wrestling when they’re checking out some football info. We used to see only the big programs have releases about their schedules — but now everyone’s getting involved and it’s a smart thing.

Why? Instead of wondering when a team is wrestling and waiting until the season to find out, the releases are coming out when interest is starting to peak. Wrestling folks know their teams, but this is a good way to engage fans from the school’s other sports. Eastern Michigan and Kent State both released their schedules yesterday and Kent pointed out two of its bigger opponents to draw in readers. Schedule releases are a simple, but effective way coaching staffs can drum up support by using resources that are already in place. It also will help get the SID’s familiar with the sport earlier, especially if they are in their first year at a school or have no prior wrestling experience, which is all too common outside of the big conferences.


Written by Jason Bryant

October 2, 2008 at 1:49 pm