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Star Trek: The “I don’t do movie reviews” version

This might contain spoilers … so that being said SPOILER ALERT!

I’m not a Trekkie. I’ve never been a fan of anything in the Star Trek franchise. Whether it be the original, the Next Generation (with the guy from Reading Rainbow), Deep Space Nine or whatever the others were — I’d have to actually look them up to tell you their names.

I never watched any of the original Star Trek movies, with perhaps the beginning of The Wrath of Khan, where Captain Kirk is scaling the side of some mountain.

The only experiences I’d had with Star Trek were watching some of the animated series back when it was on Nickelodeon back when I was a kid and sitting through it with my dad and step mom. I never thought she’d be much of a Trekkie until I tried to change the channel one day and she snapped at me.

I’m a big fan of reliving things from my childhood, even though they might have been someone else’s childhood. For this Star Trek is an anamoly to me. I don’t have any Star Trek memories, other than the aforementioned animated series.

I was enthralled with Transformers when it came out. I saw the animated movie when I was like seven. Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime thrust me back into childhood.

But now with Star Trek, this was all new. I knew who the charachters were … Spock, McCoy, Kirk, Scotty, Sulu, Checkov, Uhura. I wasn’t familiar with any backstory and didn’t go in with any pre-conceived notions about it.

I knew about Vulcan, the Romulans, Kirk’s womanizing (which I thought was comedically tactful in the movie). I didn’t recognize Winona Ryder for some reason.

One big chuckle came early in the film where the screen showed “Iowa,” immediately getting a rise out of the college kids situated in the back of the theater.

I’d consider this movie highly enjoyable to the non-Trekkie. I was captivated, engaged and entertained. At the risk of sounding like a complete douche, I never quite understood the Trekkie culture, but if people felt this way about the original, I can see why one could be caught up in it. I won’t do conventions or whatever, but here’s a few things that made the movie campy enough, but exciting to watch again (gasp!).

Simon Pegg as Scotty was freakin’ awesome. I agree with one critic who said he stole the movie. No way was the guy from Hot Fuzz and the guy from Harold & Kumar going to be in a serious movie … but holy shit, they pulled it off.

The catchphrases were worked in, sometimes seeming forced, but not without a laugh. I don’t know much beyond the fringe of it, but I understood everything that was going on. That could be a credit to the movie doing a lot to educate, without being overbearing. This was a great Tuesday at the movies and I’d highly recommend it — Trekkie or not.

Terminator Salvation, on the other hand … not impressed. And I LOVE the Terminator series.

Although I am growing tired of seeing The Terminator and Terminator 3 on TV constantly because of the rise of the new movie. Why no T2, which I feel was the best of the series.

The Wrath of Khan is on right now, I don’t think I’ll be watching it.

But Leonard Nimoy was one of those people when you see in film or TV, that just makes you go “DUUUDE, SPOCK!” I liked his role in Star Trek and might actually go see the movie again (double gasp!)

Written by Jason Bryant

May 27, 2009 at 1:24 pm