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Small Iowa community could use your thoughts and prayers

We often speak on how wrestling is a tight-knit community. We relate the lessons and camaraderie in our sport with those of our family dynamics and community relationships. It’s family.

When tragedy strikes, it takes a toll on everyone. For the tiny Westwood Community School District, it hits hard because of the very small populous it affects.

Right now, our family is hurting.

On Saturday morning, a van driven by a Westwood wrestling coach carrying five wrestlers was in a head-on collision on Iowa Highway 141. The driver of the car which the van collided was killed.

They were headed to a wrestling clinic.

When young people are involved, it wears on everyone. In small towns, like the five small Iowa towns which feed Westwood — Sloan, Salix, Hornick, Smithland and Holly Springs — the loss of anyone hits hard. Along with coach Dan Thompson, who was driving the fan, the driver of the other vehicle was a parent of a Westwood student.

This has affected everyone in an area 25 miles south of Sioux City. Grades K-12 are under one roof at Westwood. How small? A graduating class of 75 is considered “huge.”

Here’s the story from the Sioux City Journal.

Now here’s a call to those of us in the wrestling community. We’ve risen up to support Adam Frey in his incredible fight against cancer. We’ve supported our own in nearly every facet of life. It’s time to do it again. I can’t tell you what the right course of action is in a situation like this.

People are shaken. People are hurt. People are fighting for their lives. Any support, a card, flowers, letters encouraging those involved to fight on. Wrestlers don’t quit, as the saying goes. Let’s do something, anything, to give these young men any additional motivation to press on.

According to one Westwood alum — Amanda Dahl, who spent considerable time involved in the sport of wrestling at Iowa State — some of the reports might not explain the status of some of these wrestlers in detail. It’s bad. I could feel it through her voice, even a long way away in Auburn, Ala. They need our support, some way, some how.

Everyone in the crash was tied to Westwood. Everyone who wrestles past or present is now tied to Westwood.

Here’s a name some of you might know to help you identify with the school. Former Northern Iowa wrestler Jeff Harrison, went there. The face of the Wrestling Recap. The voice of the National Anthem at  National Duals a few years ago.

I’m from a small town. Your neighbor might have grown up in a small town. You might have grown up in a small town.  Tragedy doesn’t just affect someone else in places like this, it has an affect on everyone. I’m not from Iowa, had never heard of Sloan until 10 minutes ago, but these kids mean something, not to our sport, but to their families and friends. In a way, they too, are our family and friends just by their association with this sport.

Here’s a press release from Westwood and some contact information, simply as a starting point, to see what we can do to help. Here’s the link. I’ve also posted it below.

PRESS RELEASE                                                   Date  11/9/2008  1:00PM

Westwood Community School District
1000 Rebel Way
Sloan, Iowa 51055
712 428 3355
Kirk Ahrends Superintendent

As reported in the media the wrestlers from the Westwood School District were traveling to a clinic in Maple Valley when they were hit by a van. Five students and one coach all sustained injuries substantial enough to warrant transport to Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City. Those in the school suburban were:

Coach Dan Thompson
Trent Baker -16
Adam Greeno – 16
Blake Jorgensen – 15
Jordan Mitchell – 18
Sage Washburn – 16

The driver of the other vehicle that struck the school vehicle was Brad Haburn, the father of one of our Westwood students. The thoughts and prayers of our communities go out to his family.

The injuries to the students and coach are substantial and ongoing. Details of their conditions are only available through the Mercy Medical Center. However, we can say that all held their own or improved during the last 24 hours. Coach Dan Thompson, Jordan Mitchell, and Sage Washburn are able to have visitors. Immediate family may only visit Trent Baker, Adam Greeno, and Blake Jorgensen. The families and school wish to thank everyone for their prayers, visits, and outstanding support through this time.

Details and the cause of the accident are being investigated by the Woodbury County Sheriff’s department and Iowa State Patrol, however all reports to us indicate our school vehicle was driving in a safe and legal manner.

The Westwood District would like to thank the rescue and law enforcement agencies that responded quickly and helped get our people medical attention. We are also grateful to the Mercy Medical Center for providing wonderful support to our Westwood family during this tragic time. Finally, we are blessed to have a such strong communities that will help and support these students and staff through their recovery.

An update on the condition of students and staff will be given to the students on a daily basis. Our counselors will be available for any students that need to talk. Westwood secondary staff will have a staff meeting at 7:45 in the library.

Westwood will have school on Monday, November 10th as scheduled. However, ITBS/ITED testing is postponed for one week.

School Secretary Contact
Patti Witten:
Phone:  (712) 428-3303
Fax:  (712) 428-3246

Our thoughts and prayers are with those five communities, the friends and families of those involved in the accident.

Written by Jason Bryant

November 9, 2008 at 4:04 pm

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