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A moment of clarity: What does your college wrestling program mean to you?

I’ll preface this by saying I am very proud to walk into my office each day and see a degree from Old Dominion University placed on the wall. It’s no big secret to people within our sport that I attended school there for seven years (hold the Van Wilder jokes until the end). People bring it up frequently, and like any alum, I’m proud of my school.

I had a gutcheck a short time ago. A moment of clarity, if you will. I really don’t like to write about the ODU program much anymore, because, as most of you might guess, my opinions could be viewed as biased towards my particular alma mater. I’ve always made sure my coverage was down the line and fair, equitable and most of all, professional.

But in responding to a post on the CAAZone, a message board for fans of Colonial Athletic Association teams, I took a moment to think about what that program has meant to me and has done for me as an individual, a friend, a writer, and a broadcaster.

Honestly, I really want all our fans, fans of wrestling, to read this.

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Written by Jason Bryant

November 7, 2008 at 2:46 am